Perfection is not the Goal,
practice is highly achievable!

Compassionately explore what IS ... and discover what might benefit from tweaking ... YOU decide.

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Let's change the conversation about health, weight and fitness and approach life as Practicers!

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Your health map is your journey. The process belongs to you alone, but you are not alone. You are surrounded by fellow practicers. I hope you find this guide helpful!

     Big Overhaul Not Required...

  • Health is a Forever-Term Investment
  • You are a Practicer
  • You are Allowed to Change Your Mind 
  • Understand YOUR Guiding Principles/Consistent Truths
  • Determine YOUR Currency
  • Discover what YOU Value Most
  • Practice Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Trust YOUR Inner Wisdom
  • Try Your Best, Reassess & FORGIVE
  • Balance is NOT a Fixed State
  • Perfection is NOT the Goal!


positive self-talk required!

Observe how you spend your time and energy. How is it all connected to how you feel? How would you like it to be different?

Energy & Activities

Motivation for Change

  no judgment!

Sleep & Food

How is your life going right now? Create your own health map! Prompts are provided to guide the process.  


Your Typical Day