• Health is a Forever-Term Investment
  • You are a Practicer
  • You are Allowed to Change Your Mind
  • Understand YOUR Guiding Principles/Consistent Truths
  • Determine YOUR Currency
  • Discover What YOU Value Most
  • Practice Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Trust YOUR Inner Wisdom
  • Try Your Best, Reassess and FORGIVE
  • Balance is NOT a Fixed State
  • Perfection is NOT the Goal!


  1. Document your typical day for several days
  2. Keep it all basic
  3. Once completed, observe your feelings while reading through
  4. As you move forward, ponder the questions that follow
  5. No big overhaul required!

1. Amount and quality of sleep (include how many times you woke up)

2. Wake-up time and mood

3. Level of appetite on a scale of one to 10. One being you couldn't care less about food and 10 being famished!

4. Time of your meal with type and general quantities

5. General activities/tasks/duties that fill the time between meals and your overall energy level

6. Repeat numbers four and five until the end of the day

7. Bed time

Don't count calories! Just keep track of perceived quantities and characteristics of each meal. The intention of this exercise is to grow awareness, observe patterns and identify what matters most to you. This is not an exercise in judgment. You are not bad! Remember, you are a practicer. You have a right to enjoy your life. So, no guilt!


As you go through the process of creating a health map, please remember that it is not static. Your life is constantly changing and your priorities are allowed to change along the way. Writing out your typical day, for several days, gives you an idea of what your life looks like today. Keep it as basic as possible.

No Judgment!

What to Document:



Perfection is not the Goal,
practice is highly achievable!