Perfection is not the Goal,
practice is highly achievable!

  • Health is a Forever-Term Investment
  • You are a Practicer
  • You are Allowed to Change Your Mind
  • Understand YOUR Guiding Principles/Consistent Truths
  • Determine YOUR Currency
  • Discover What YOU Value Most
  • Practice Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Trust YOUR Inner Wisdom
  • Try Your Best, Reassess and FORGIVE
  • Balance is NOT a Fixed State
  • Perfection is NOT the Goal!


  1. Document your typical day for several days
  2. Keep it all basic
  3. Once completed, observe your feelings while reading through
  4. As you move forward, ponder the questions that follow
  5. No big overhaul required!
  • Do you eat your meals around the same times each day? Is the idea appealing and easily doable?
  • Do you crave variety? Or, are you comfortable with routine?
  • Would you like to go to the grocery store as a field trip? This is an opportunity to explore items that look appealing and allows time to read labels. The visit can be an individual exercise or one done as a family. 
  • What foods did you eat out of convenience? Are you interested in replacing them with healthier, plant-based, whole food options?
  • What foods would you define as healthier options? Would you call them pleasant, tasty, and affordable as well as healthy?
  • How would you easily incorporate the habit of purchasing, preparing, and eating those healthier options?


  • What foods do you think were consumed out of habit and what foods were fully enjoyed?
  • Were the enjoyable foods truly pleasurable or a trigger for gorging?
  • What foods are absolute keepers? You can't envision an enjoyable life without those particular foods. Do not allow guilt to enter. Keep those special foods in your life (at least for the moment).

Empowered Change

What Would You Tweak?

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